Tips to Seduce in First date

Important aspects to keep in mind during the first date

You have fallen for one person and finally got fuck sites a first date with her. As we approach this moment, whether we are a man or a woman, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. You will have to be confident and

Suggest a meeting

Difficult to jump into the water and offer a gallant date to a person, yet, “we have to dare to take the first step. Generally, it is the men who do it. If this is not the case, the woman must know how to take things in hand. To propose a, a man will say rather “tonight, I take you to the restaurant, I pick you up at 20h or 20H30? “ We speak of a Socratic method, that is to say impose while leaving the choice. The woman, she will rather in the suggestion: “I want to eat Chinese tonight … that would tell you? “ The most important thing is to be sure of you. If the person refuses, “do not be discouraged and accept the refusal. We cannot please everyone. If it does not work this time, it will work next time. It may not have been the right person …”

Choose the right place

Restaurant or Bar or Cinema? “The best is to choose a lounge bar where the atmosphere is laid; the music is not too strong. At the end of the day, it is night and people are less in a hurry, it is easier to relax. In order not to be mistaken, “the solution is to have discussed before on the phone with the person to know what she likes to eat, how she likes to have fun,”.

Know how to highlight

How do I dress? How do I make up? Man or woman, this question of appearance is a real headache at the arrival of a date gallant. How to do? “The solution is to know how to value yourself and especially to feel good. Do not try to be at the forefront of fashion, but rather to choose a look that suits you and your personality. The woman must be feminine and classy. Everything must be in the suggestion. Why not drop a sweater on one shoulder? Play with your sensuality! For men, be elegant while remaining a man. Do not try to look “first class”, stay cool and adopt a sport / chic style. ”

Look after your attitude

One word of order: “be elegant! “ “Look at each other in the eyes, do not look away. Show that you are comfortable and interested in him or her. Pay attention to how you stand and how you eat. Be in seduction. Touch her hand or stroke her face. We must dare and put his pride aside. Those who dare, win! Whether in love or elsewhere you must be careful, “For a little lesson in seduction,” look at Steve McQueen and Faye Dun may around a chess game in “The Thomas Crown Affair”.